Keeping up the pace

Getting your pace right in a half marathon is crucial to your overall performance and enjoyment of the race.

Our team of pacers will not just come in on time, but aim to make your race an experience you won't forget. There are many jobs to the pacer, the main one, of course, is to bring you in on pace! Along with that they will support you every step of the way, feed off their energy and really make this a race to remember!

All pacers will wear a rucksack with a large flag which will show the pace time.

Here are some top tips to help you and the pacers work in harmony.

Line up in the appropriate time zone

It's far more enjoyable and motivating being the one who does the overtaking!

All the pacers are running to a chip time. If you don’t cross the start line with them, don’t expect to get the same finish time as them!

Figure out your perfect pace time

All along the course there are mile markers at the side of the road. If you know your target time you can work out your average pace per mile, and then check your progress at each mile marker.

If you've gone out a bit quick for the first mile or two, slow down for the next one to get yourself back on track. Don't try and get time "in the bank" early on because it's like making a deposit, you'll lose far more than you gain.

Use the pace runners

Don’t let adrenaline take you at the start. It’s an all too common occurrence that we go off too fast when the thrill of race day finally comes. Play the long game and stick with your pacer. They will run nice even splits and will keep the sprinter in you until the end!

Pace runners will be available for people who are looking to run a specific time.

16 pacers will be running even mile splits at 5 minute increments between 1:20 and 3:00:
1hr 20mins, 1hr 25mins, 1hr 30mins, 1hr 35mins, 1hr 40mins, 1hr 45mins, 1hr 50mins,
1hr 55mins, 2hrs, 2hrs 5mins, 2hrs 10mins, 2hrs 15mins, 2hrs 20mins, 2hrs 25mins, 2hrs 30mins, 3hrs.