1. What is the minimum age to enter the race? Half Marathon participants will need to be 17 years of age on race day. Mini Marathon participants will need to be 4 years of age on race day (any child under the age of 11 must be accompanied by a responsible adult, who must also enter the race via the entry system – failure to do so may cancel the child's entry). Please note that there is no upper age limit for the Half Marathon. 2. How do I qualify for UKA Affiliated entry? To qualify for UKA Affiliated entry, your running club must be recognised via the UKA Governing Body. For a list of the Affiliated clubs located in the UK, please click here. If your club is missing from the list please contact us: events@sweatshop.co.uk 3. How do I know if my online entry was successful? If your entry has been success you will receive your payment confirmation from Netbanx and an entry confirmation from Sweatshop with your race reference number. Please keep a safe copy of your reference numbers as these will be your very own details to log in. 4. I entered as a 2017 deferral and don't have a Netbanx reference number. If you successfully deferred your entry from 2017 then you should have received an email with a discount code to re-enter for 2018. As you did not have to pay for your entry again you will not receive a Netbanx reference number. Please keep your discount code safe as this is now your 'Netbanx' reference number. 5. Are you offering concession prices for entry this year? No. Unfortunately due to administrative difficulties we are unable to offer discounted entries other than those listed on the entry page (Affiliated or Wheelchair). 6. When do entries close? Please check the website for updates. 7. Can I enter over the phone? No – unfortunately we do not have the facilities to take payment over the phone and all entries must be made online. However, if you are experiencing real difficulties with this or cannot apply online due to special circumstances then please call us on 0778 813 7117 and we shall see how we can help assist you further. 8. Are there entries on the day of the race? No, we cannot accept any entries on the day on the race. 9. Can we pay / enter as a group / company? Yes, groups of 10 or more entrants can enter together and pay by one invoice, please email events@sweatshop.co.uk to applsy for a group entry. 10. Can I take part in a day wheelchair? Yes you can, however to ensure your safety and the safety of other participants you may be required to start at the back, please email: events@sweatshop.co.uk so we can ensure you are allocated a suitable start zone.

1. When do I receive my race number? Race packs, including your race number, race guide and luggage tag and T-shirt (if ordered) will be sent out in batches, due to the large amount of participants. Please look out for updates for when you should receive your 2018 race pack. If you haven’t received your race pack by this time, please collect a replacement pack from the help desk in the race village. Please bring proof of entry, this can be a confirmation email, ID or bank statement. Please note your race pack will be sent to the address you have provided on your entry form. 2. I entered as part of a Corporate Challenge Team, when do we get our race packs? You will have to collect your race packs on the morning of the race, please refer to the Corporate Challenge section in the FAQ's. 3. I am an international runner, will I receive my race pack in the post? No, if your address on your entry form in not within the UK then you will not receive your race pack in the post. You will have to collect your race pack from the help desk situated in the race village. Please remember to bring a copy of your race entry confirmation email with a form of ID. 4. I have moved house/changed address since entering; can I change my contact details? Yes, please log on to amend your entry to change your details. Please Note: If your pack pack has already been processed then you will not be able to amend your details. Please try to collect your race pack from your previous address or arrange for it to be forwarded to you. If this is not possible then please come to the help desk in the race village prior to the event to collect a replacement Race Pack. The help desk opening times can be found in the race village section of the FAQ's. To have another pack re-issued you must bring proof of entry, this can be a confirmation email, ID or bank statement. 5. What happens if my race pack doesn't arrive in time or lose my race number? Please do not worry, you will be able to pick up a replacement race pack on Saturday or Sunday from the helpdesk. The help desk opening times can be found in the race village section of the FAQ's. To have another pack re-issued you must bring proof of entry, this can be a confirmation email, ID or bank statement. 6. Do I need to attach my timing chip to my bib? No – your chip is already attached on the back of your race bib. Your chip will automatically start when you cross the start line and stop when you cross the finish line. You don't need to worry about anything. 7. My chip number is different to my bib number, is this normal? Yes, there is no need to panic if the number on your bib is different to your chip timing number. Please do not attempt to remove your timing chip as this may cause a technical error and risk it not working on race day. The most important thing is that the number on the envelope you received your race pack in matches the number on your race bib.

1. What time does the race start? The Half Marathon starts at: 9.30am The Mini Marathon will start at 10am after the Half Marathon has started. Therefore, if you are running in the Half Marathon you will not be able to watch or participate the Mini Marathon. 2. Is there a pre-race warm up? Yes there will be a pre-race warm at the start line. Get there early to take advantage of this! 3. How does the race start work? All runners will be issued with a colour coded race number that reflects the estimated finish time you provided to us on your entry form. You can only start in the allocated colour/time zone that is shown on your race number, this will help to prevent you going too quickly or slowly at the start. You will be in the same zone as other runners who have the same estimated finish time as you – so make use of it and buddy up! The start will go in waves with each colour zone being released separately, for example the elites will cross the start line first before the next colour zone is released. Please do not worry this will not affect your chip time, as your chip will start when you pass under the gantry so don't worry if it takes a while to get to the start line. 4. What are the estimated times for the different coloured start zones? The estimated timing allocation for each coloured zone are subject to change. The final starting zones will be confirmed nearer the time. 5. Will the Mini Marathon have coloured waves to?
Black/First Wave: Anyone aged 17 + over. Plus any Corporate Challenge Mini Marathon Runners.
Purple/Second Wave: Age 9-16 years, plus any allocated accompanying adults.
Pink Wave/Third Wave: Age 4-8 years, plus any allocated accompanying adults.

Please note if you are in the school challenge you will be allocated in the second or third Zone.
6. My trainings been going well/poorly and my estimated time does not reflect my current fitness levels should I start in a different zone? No, we are afraid you must stick to your allocated colour zone, you can move to the front/back of your zone depending on your fitness level. 7. Are the different coloured start zones easy to find? All starting zones will be clearly sign posted with coloured flags. All zones will be marshalled, please note that if you try to enter a different coloured zone to what is on your race bib you will be stopped by the marshal.

1. When will I receive the T-shirt that I ordered with my race entry? Your T-shirt will arrive with your race pack, we expect all runners to receive their race pack around two weeks before race day. 2. I didn't order a Technical T-shirt when I entered the race, can I order one now? Yes. Click here to amend your entry details and add the technical T-shirt to your entry. Please Note: If your details have already been passed to the Race Pack supplier for processing you cannot amend your order. 3. Can I buy a technical t-shirt on the day? Yes, there will a number of T-shirts available to purchase on the day in the retail tent in the race village. The Race village will be open from 7am on Sunday 30th September 2018. 4. My T-shirt does not fit, can I exchange this for a different size? Yes, if you wish to exchange your T-shirt for a different size you may do so at the retail tent in the race village. You must bring a copy of your proof of transaction which was emailed to you after your purchase. Please be aware that we do have a limited amount of stock available for each size and is based on a first come first served basis. 5. I bought an iTab with my entry, when should I expect to receive this? Your Itab of your personal chip time will sent to you as a separate attachment to go on the back of your medal. All Itabs will be dispatched after the official race times have been confirmed, they will be mailed to your home address which was stated on your race entry form. 6. I didn't buy an Itab when I originally entered, can I purchase one now? Yes, if your race pack has not yet been processed then you will be able to amend your entry to purchase your Itab. However, if you are no longer able to amend your entry or you wish to purchase an Itab after the race then please contact us via email on events@sweatshop.co.uk. You will need to state your name, your race reference number and confirm your postal address.

For all the latest travel and transport updates please visit our website page here.`

Please check this page closer to the event as we will be providing travel and transport updates which will be useful for all participants and residents’.

You will also be able to find more information on:

  • Road Closures
  • Parking
  • Buses
  • Trams
  • Trains
1. Where is the race village? Victoria Embankment Recreation Ground, The Meadows, Nottingham, NG2 2JY
A Map of the race village will be available soon.
2. What time does the race village open? The race village and facilities located in the race village will be open from 7am on race day (30th September). 3. Will the help desk be open the day before race day? Yes, should you need to collect a replacement pack from the help desk you may do so on the Saturday before race day.
Saturday 29th September Victoria Embankment Recreation Ground
The Meadows
Nottingham, NG2 2JY
10am – 4pm
Race Day 7am – 3pm
4. Is there anywhere to leave my bags while I'm running? On the race day a kit/baggage tent will be available; this will be situated in the race village. Your baggage label will be located within your race pack as a separate tag, this will be the same number as your race number. Place your tag in a prominent position. Be sure to keep this tag safe, loss of your baggage tag will not only delay your start but also delay the collection of your bag. To retrieve your bag at the end of the race all you have to do is show your running number at the kit tent.
(The organisers cannot accept responsibility for valuables left in the Kit tents and you leave this at your own risk).
5. Are there showers and changing facilities? There are no showers but there are changing facilities available on site. 6. Will there be meeting points at the finish for family and friends? Yes, alphabetical meeting points will be situated in the race village. Please scope these out on the day and ensure you agree on a meeting point pre-race. 7. What other facilities are in at the race village? You'll find lots of activities and services in the race village including a Sweatshop retail tent, first aid, food and drink, VIP tent, massage and physio, toilets, help desk and a wide range of entertainment. 8. Can I bring my dog? Yes, but please bear in mind that with over 13,000 runners and their supporters the race village will be extremely busy. Therefore, for the safety of your dog and other runners all we ask is that you keep them on a lead.
1. Where do we collect our race packs? You will need to collect your race pack from the registration desk in the corporate tent on the morning of race day. 2. Can one team member collect all the race packs? No, we ask that each team member comes to the registration point and individually collect their own race pack. 3. Where can we leave out bags? The corporate challenge tent will have its own baggage drop of point, please hand you baggage to a member of staff. The organisers cannot accept responsibility for valuables left in the Kit tents and you leave this at your own risk. 4. What coloured zones do we start in? If you are running in the Half Marathon then all corporate challenger runners will start in the red zone. If you are running in the Mini Marathon then you will start in the black zone. 5. When do we get our T-shirts? Your corporate challenge T-shirt will be within your race pack. This will be the size which was inputted on your entry. 6. If my T-shirt does not fit, can I exchange this for a different size? Yes, if you wish to exchange your T-shirt for a different size you may do so at the corporate registration desk. Please be aware that we do have a limited amount of stock available for each size and is based on a first come first served basis. 7. Can I bring guests into the tent? Before the race we ask that you do not bring any guest into the corporate tent, as there will be many teams registering and may be crowded. When registering, you will be given a wristband, please make sure you have this on you to be allowed back into the tent after the race. After the race, we will allow one or two guests with each runner, however, to enter they must be accompanied by the runner wearing the wristband. The refreshments within the tent are strictly for the runners only!
1. How do we get our VIP wristbands? Before entering the VIP tent you will need to collect your wristband from the registration table just outside the VIP tent. 2. Can I have a guest with me? No, please be aware that only runners wearing the wristband will be allowed to enter the VIP area. There will be a list of all runners signed up as VIP when you come to register, this does mean that friends and family will not be allowed to accompany you in the VIP area. 3. Can we leave our bags in the VIP tent? Yes, there is a baggage drop off area in the VIP tent. Make sure you physically hand your bag to a member of staff and not just leave it on the ground. Please note that you do leave your bags at your own risk and the organisers cannot be held responsible for any losses. 4. What does the VIP Package include?
  • Half Marathon Race Entry
  • Official VIP T-Shirt
  • VIP Finish Line Tent Access
  • Pre-race hot beverages
  • Free Post Race Photograph
  • Post-Race Massage – Please note there may be a waiting time for post-race massage.
  • Post-Race Pasta Meal (from 11:30 am onwards)
  • Baggage Drop
1. How long is the course? The Half Marathon course is 21K or 13.1miles. The Mini Marathon course is 2.5km or 1.5miles. 2. What type of running surface is the race on? The course is flat/ undulating. While the race is run predominantly on the road, there are areas that are rougher and occasionally uneven; you may wish to consider the type of running shoes you wear particularly if it is wet. 3. Are pace makers available? There will be pace makers for the Half Marathon every 10 minutes.
Click here for more information
Please note our pacers do their very best to hit their targets, they will be running to a chip time, not a gun time therefore please bear this in mind. 4. Can I wear earphones/listen to music during the race? For health and safety reasons, we recommend earphones or any device which may impede hearing/listening to instructions both before and during the race are not used. Anyone seen wearing earphones may be asked to remove them and may be disqualified from the race. 5. What refreshments are available out on the course? Water and Energy drinks will be available around the Half Marathon course. Grab a bottle or pouch and sip slowly this will top up your energy levels to help you finish strong. Please ensure to stick to your pre-race hydration routine, please do not feel like you have to drink at every station. Water and Energy drinks will also be available on the finish line, these will help you rehydrate and kick start your recovery process post-race. 6. Are there any first aid points on the course? Yes medical services are located around both courses (including at every drinks station) and at the start and finish areas to ensure your safety. 7. Are toilets available on the route? Yes, there will be limited toilets are available at each drinks station. 8. Is the course fully marshalled? Yes there are marshals at every road junction to ensure you go the right way and to cheer you on. Please note most of our marshals are volunteers. 9. Is there entertainment around the course? Yes, in 2017 there were cheerleaders, bands and cheering points, look out for more of the same in 2018. Once we have our entertainment confirmed we will post a list of what you can find where on route. 10. Is there a time limit on finishing the race? Yes, we will close the Half Marathon course at 1.30pm (4 running hours). This is a legal requirement to enable us to re-open the roads in the time agreed by the Emergency Services and Nottingham City Council. 11. Can I run in fancy dress? Yes of course! However we recommend practising in your costume beforehand. If your outfit includes any other equipment other than clothing/shoes please get in touch with us as there may be other requirements to ensure the safety of other participants. 12. Can I take part on a bike, stilts, roller skates, skate boards or pushing a buggy? No. Participants are not permitted to use any of the above or similar in the event and those attempting to do so will be prohibited from starting and may be forcibly removed from the course mid-race where necessary. Likewise, anyone attempting to start or join the race in any outfit that we, in our absolute discretion, deem unsuitable and/or dangerous to other competitors or spectators, will not be allowed to start the event or, if on the course, may be forcibly removed from the event. 13. Will I get a medal at the finish? Yes, all finishers in all races who cross the finish line will get a medal! Please ensure to pick up your medal when you walk through our finish funnel. At the finish the runners will also receive water, a sports drink, a foil blanket and a t-shirt. 14. When and where will the results be published? The results will be available online on the 30th September on this website; they will also be printed in the Nottingham Evening Post the following day. Please note these results are provisional, the official results are normally confirmed 2-3 days post event.
1. I wish to defer my entry to 2018, how do I apply? To apply for a deferral to 2018 please click here. 2. Can I get a refund? No, as stated in our terms & conditions there will be no refunds. Entries may be deferred until next year's event only in the case of injury or illness which must be supported by a note from a relevant practitioners i.e. a doctor or a physiotherapist. Please fill in the online form to request a deferral. 3. Can someone else run in my place? No, under no circumstances can a runners number be transferred to someone else. If a person is found to be running in another runners bib, then they face disqualification and potentially refused entry into future races. 4. I have double booked and now can't attend, will I still get a deferral? No, as stated in our terms & conditions deferrals will only be given to cases of illness or injury and no refunds will be given. It is the runners responsibility to check before entering that they are able to run and once registered this means they have accepted our terms and conditions. 5. When do you stop accepting deferrals? We understand that last minute injuries and illness can occur, therefore, we will still be accepting deferral requests until Monday 2nd October. However, please note that if you start in the race on the day and then pull out you will not be accepted for a deferral. 6. I have submitted my deferral for 2018, when will this processed? Once you have submitted your deferral online you should expect to receive a confirmation email that your request has been submitted. Please note this confirmation email does not mean that your deferral has been automatically accepted. We shall be processing the deferrals from no early than the 22nd of October. It is only after this date you should expect to receive and email from us to notify you if your deferral has been successful or not. 7. I was accepted for a deferral from 2016 but haven't been given a code to re-enter. Will I automatically be re-entered? No, if you were accepted for a deferral from 2016 it is down to you the runner to re-enter. You should have been emailed a unique code for you to input in order to receive 100% discount off your entry fee. If you have not received this then please get in contact with us straightaway either via phone or email. Once entries close we will not be able to assist you further and you will lose your deferred place. 8. If I don't use my deferral can this be rolled over to another year? No, all deferrals are only valid for one year from the originally year of entry and cannot be rolled over to the next year. 9. I received my deferral code but it says it is invalid.
  • Try to copy and paste your code, ensuring that no extra spaces are copied.
  • If copy and pasting does not work then try entering the code manually, please note that this is case sensitive.
  • Make sure that you are entering as non-affiliated otherwise your code will not work. If you do belong to an affiliated club we can amend this for you after you have entered.
  • If you are still experiencing issues with your deferral code then please email us straight away at events@sweatshop.co.uk. Please state your name, the race you wish to enter and the best contact details for you.
1. Can my family and friends come to watch? Yes, we welcome all supporters. 2. I would like to perform as entertainment along the route, who should I contact? We are always welcoming new acts and talents to help entertain our runners along the course. Entertainment is one of the most important highlights for our runners and this really helps them to keep going. If you would be interested in being involved with the entertainment then please email us at events@sweatshop.co.uk 3. I would like to volunteer, how to I apply to become a race maker? It is great news that you wish to help us and be part of helping make this day special for our runners. Please contact us at: events@sweatshop.co.uk and we'll send you an application form.

If you haven't been able to find the answer to your question in the information above please contact us.

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