Free Training Runs – Rebel Runners Nottingham

Rebel Runners are an inclusive and friendly social running group based in Nottingham who meet up to run several times a week at different locations across the city and we have a wide variety of routes and distances.

Runners span a wide age group and all abilities of runners are welcome. You don’t need to be fast to run, there is no minimum pace – just show up with some enthusiasm and you will be most welcome.

Rebel Runners is a free running group, so there is no annual fee to pay. Simply come along to one of their sessions and introduce yourself. They run 5 days a week, meeting at the following locations:

  • Monday, 6pm the Portland Centre
  • Tuesday, 6.30pm the Village Hotel, Chilwell
  • Wednesday, 6.30pm Carlton Forum or Gedling Country Park
  • Thursday, 6.30pm Woodthorpe Park
  • Sunday, 10am Victoria Embankment.

Claire Hill, one of the experienced run leaders, explained: "On Sundays we offer people the chance to train for longer distances, with other runners. It's a great way to work towards events such as the Robin Hood."

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Rebel Runners

Rebel Runners


Rebel Runners have been running together as a group for a number of years, having previously pounded the streets of Nottingham in the yellow of Sweatshop Running Community. When Sweatshop decided to close the Nottingham store in February 2016 there was never any doubt that they wanted to continue running as a group so they rebranded as Rebel Runners.

The group is now operated completely by volunteers, with all of the run leaders and helpers giving up their own time to ensure they continue to enjoy a free activity, as well as enjoying each other’s company while running.

Rebel Runners meet up 5 times a week at various locations across Nottingham, which they have tried to space out to cover the greatest ‘catchment area’ and benefit as many runners as possible.

Runs offer a range of distances from 2 miles to 6 miles, with the exception of the long runs on Sundays, which are between 5 and 10 miles. You can find more information about this on our website or Facebook page.

There are also a number of beginners courses throughout the year; these are 8 week run/walk courses with the amount of running increasing over the weeks with the aim of getting you from non-runner to running 5k.

Rebel Runners also support all levels of runners so you don’t need to worry about being fast enough – just come along and do your best.

Claire added: "We are always delighted to meet new people who want to run with us, whether they’re brand new to the sport, want to develop their skills or simply wish to have company on runs, I am so pleased to be a part of such a diverse group of people who quickly become friends, supporters and often heroes too!"